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It's all about photography!

Why Photography 101?


My name is Nick Adams and I'm a photographer and photography teacher. Much of my learning about photography was done the "hard way" -- before you could easily learn about anything on the Internet. And I will be honest, everything I am going to show you can be found, one way or another, online, using your favorite search engine. So why should you become a member of Photography 101? 

Four big reasons: Structure, Guidance, Feedback and Community. People seem to learn better following a structured plan, with discussions on relevant topics, assignments and homework, and feedback. Structure and community will help you develop a practice of photography that can enrich your life. See, photography is like any other practice of human artistic endeavor, like painting or dance or learning to play an instrument -- it requires time, dedication, introspection, and study. And lots and lots of practice. So if you are just beginning and don't know where to start, or you have been doing this a while and feel stuck, or you just want to know how to make better photographs, Photography 101 is right where you want to be.

I'll add one more thing: this is one of the rare online communities that values your privacy and your contributions! There will be no data harvesting here, no ads that follow you around the internet, no bullying or trolling, and you own the images you post. This community is for you and me and other like-minded members, not some faceless corporation.

Photography 101 Online Course

To support this site and the time I put into it there is a modest subscription fee. I am also offering a paid online class, Photography 101: Introduction to Digital Photography, with other classes to come in the future -- topics to include Business, Photoshop & Lightroom, Portraiture Intensive, Lighting Intensive and others (I'm open to suggestions!). 

The Photography 101 class assumes you have little or no experience with photography, so it begins at square one, but I have had experienced photographers as students and they tell me it was a valuable addition to their knowledge and experience. Upon completion of the course you will have a well-rounded understanding of principles of photography and creativity, and you will have a good foundation to grow your own skills.

I will teach you the fundamentals of light and operating a camera. From there I help you think about creativity and expression to find your own photographic voice. Mixed in is a taste of history, science, business, workflow, other creative aspects such as post-processing and printing, and practical matters such as archiving and photographer rights.

 I am excited to share my knowledge and expertise with this community!

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